Three Songs

by Suns

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three rough mixes of rough demos


released December 3, 2010

dave and miguel



all rights reserved


Suns Connecticut

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Track Name: Fuck Me While I'm Down
why would you get naked with my best friends?
you're a coward, i hate you, you should be dead
in a hole on this earth
buried beneath my cigarette butts

i'll leave on the lights
and leave on my fan
so when you wake up
and turn to your man
the one you don't know

now you try to be nice
and you try to be coooool
so you can have friends away from school
but it is all fake

so i'll play along
i don't know you at all
but you're still at these shows
singing along?
just answer me this
is it okay to...?

burn my love?
and sleep with the city?
then ask my friends for advice and pity?
what you don't know is what i've been learning this whole time

so here i go
i'm running away
im drunk (boo hoo)
and sitting in my car

fuck me while i'm down
Track Name: Machine
now here's my problem i've got some feelings they swear they know me but i've never met them, so i'll keep on going make a group of new friends, then meet a new girl have her be my girlfriend, cause i keep complaining about my memory and the way that i loved the way she tricked me into believing that we were perfect, it got to my head so i got infected with all these ideals that music showed me, i bought into their perfect stories about drinking all of your sorrow but they never sang about tomorrows.

so i'll call some old friends, ask to see them. but i won't really, i'm stuck in my head patching up old skin from lost connections they ask: "hey will, are you genuine?"
but who's to tell know, if i mean this, cause i keep changing my social status, i was once some recluse now am that good guy, it's hard to follow i hope you don't try.

but then my mom calls from the other room, she wants to know if i still love her. i say of course but you have to get this: my mind ain't worth much, but my heart's all in.
Track Name: Casual
I'll blame myself
for what i did
but i will blame you
for falling in
to my meaningless message
my need for uselessness

believe me i'm not
causal at all
as i work towards a goal
that involves you to fall
just to make me seem tall
cause i was always
under the bridge

i don't like you
i have used you
i hate myself
and you're no helppppp
pppp me

but guilt does not exist
when you plan out your death
as all of life's gifts
are the shitty thing we've said
now why should i submit
to a meaningful message
when all i recognize are self conscious descriptions?